Our history

A potted history about us two. Our skills are very different and together create something that we believe is quite unique and pretty magical too!


I’m Adam and I have been in hospitality on and off since I was 15 years old. I started out by helping my mum in her café at an old auction house in Wilmslow and from there went on to University to study Culinary Arts and Business Management. After a few years running The Wizard Restaurant at Nether Alderley I became the Area Manager for the group. I then had a brief stage running The Black Swan in 2013 before meeting Sean and going on to do our own thing.

Sean is, in a nutshell all things ‘bricks and muck’. His Dad was a Master Builder and his infinite building wisdom has clearly bolstered Sean’s skill set. When it comes to landscaping and the built environment – he is second to none. He too has dabbled in the pub trade and certainly loves a beer.
If we were to have a Company ethos, it would be taken from the Latin phrase ‘ad meliora’ which roughly translates as ‘for the pursuit of the better’. We strive to offer a business that is also a home, somewhere to feel welcome and to enjoy good company. We hope to provide an environment where the team enjoy their work and constantly strive to improve what we offer our guests. If we always search for the best in what we do then the customer will always enjoy what we offer and return.


We truly hope you enjoy your visit.


Adam and Sean


Where the story started. It was October and Adam had exited The Black Swan after a long desire to have his own business. The boys met on the day that Sean had completed on his next renovation project. A project that would become their first home together.

2014 - 2016

First addition to the family came along; Miss Scampi Doodles. Several attempts at looking for the ideal business unit came and went by. The opportunity was on their doorstep all along and Adam asked his mum and dad if they could utilise the family’s furniture removal site in Wilmslow. The answer was ‘yes’ and work commenced. The style and design of the renovation was led by budgetary constraints and allowed for a paired down, no-nonsense feel with polished concrete floors, wood burning stoves and bare brick walls.

2017 - 2019

The renovation had to be pushed from a project into a functioning business and on the 14th September 2017, The Old Garages Lifestyle Store & Café opened its doors! During October 2018, Miss Scampi Doodles had given birth to Florence and for some unknown reason in late 2019 Adam thought it was great idea to get Barty – currently a massive Golden Retriever! Family complete for now at least.

20th January 2020

Sean was getting itchy, polishing his shovel and raring to get going on another site! Always on the search for the next project, a Pub was on definitely on the cards and after much searching and the galling realisation that Pubs in Cheshire are similar to hens’ teeth, Adam approached his former bosses and then owners of The Black Swan. The deal was done and the boys got the keys on the 20th January 2020.


Excited for a new chapter. The site had previously had a lot of love, a love that Adam and Sean wanted to put back. Landscaping commenced and the internal renovation works began with an Easter opening on the cards. The world had a different plan and, on the 23rd March 2020, the Country was in the grips of a pandemic and ordered to lockdown. ‘Battle Stations’ assumed, the renovation stopped. As the lockdown eased, the work commenced and The Black Swan opened its doors on 4th July 2020.


A brand new year and a fresh start. Adam, Sean and the great team that makes it all happen, cannot wait to welcome you all.